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Canvas Prints – Airbrushing

Celebrities aren’t the only people who can have their photo’s airbrushed!

Do you have a photo which would look great as a photo canvas, if it wasn’t for the fact that you weren’t looking your best that day?

Perhaps there were a few spots – that have a habit of coming out when you really don’t want them to – maybe the few glasses of red wine you had that night have given you stained looking teeth in the photo?

Or maybe this is a picture you’re thinking of having turned into a canvas of someone else, as a gift for them – and you know them well enough to know they won’t be happy with the way they looked that day.

Canvas Prints Free Effects.

As you can see our designers can make a LOT of difference with what is commonly referred to as “airbrushing.”

Actually it’s not airbrushing, this makes it sound a lot more simple than it is, it’s not just a case of clicking onto a brush tool & somehow just brushing over the unwanted area’s, it’s a lot more in depth than this, and takes a lot of skill & experience to be able to do well. If you’ve ever tried to do this yourself on your PC, you will understand that professional airbrushing is a lot more than this.

So, if you do have a photo that would have looked great on a canvas if not for a few spots, or anything else that you don’t like the look of – just tell us what needs to be removed, and we’ll make it history.

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