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Canvas Printing

Your images and photographs printed onto Canvas

You may be considering canvas printing – having photographs, images or designs turned into canvas prints, either as a one off for a gift for someone, or for yourself, or a special occasion – or as a business idea, to create a product to sell. And, you may be looking into setting up to do canvas printing yourself, rather than having a professional printing company do the work for you.

Once thing you need to be aware of first, is that canvas printing is a very specialist activity, that requires investment in expensive equipment – to do properly – plus a great deal of knowledge & experience.

You may have heard that you can do your own canvas printing, by using pre-treated canvas material which you can print with your own inkjet printer, and then stretch onto frames yourself.

While it is true that there are products like this about – you need to realise that there is a big difference between doing something – and doing something to a professional standard.

The equipment we use to produce stunning looking printed canvas that not only looks great, but that will look great for many years to come – is large format specialist printing equipment, that is costly to purchase and to maintain.

Our design systems, are top of the range expensive systems which allow us to prepare the images before printing – standard PC’s cannot cope with the demand put on them by the design packages we need to be able to do this work properly.

Our design staff are trained professionals, who have invested years of time & effort into being able to produce high quality canvas prints time & time again, with little mistakes & wastage.

We have to keep well stocked with resources & materials, for instance rolls of blank canvas, & wood for making the frames.

So, to do canvas printing properly, takes a large amount of investment & experience. If you are considering trying to produce your own canvas prints without a professional canvas printing setup, and without the experience, it’s unfair to expect to be able to produce the same results.

If you are considering canvas printing as part of your business plan, and you do not feel ready to invest the kind of money required to get setup properly, why not work with us?

We have the experience, the equipment & the stock – and we actually do canvas printing for a number of business who sell canvas prints, allowing these businesses to concentrate on marketing, and allow us to do the production.

If this is of interest to you – give us a call on 01625 876618

Or, If you’re just looking for a one off canvas print, see the canvas prints section of our online shop.

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