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Giclee Canvas Prints Studio

Giclee Canvas Prints, (pronounced “zhee-clay”) is a term which is used by many people, to
describe high quality digital Canvas printing.

Giclee is taken from “gicler” the French word spray or squirt, so really Giclee simply means art
which is sprayed onto the substrate, rather than being screened, painted, or produced with other more traditional reproduction methods. So instead of being painted onto the canvas, your artwork is sprayed digitally onto the canvas.

Many artists use Giclee canvas printing to reproduce their art work, where it is

not practical to have their artwork mass produced. Most mass production
techniques require set up costs which make it impractical to use unless
investing in having a large number of prints.

While a few artists invest in their own Giclee canvas printing equipment, which consists of a wide format digital inkjet printer, high end design computer equipment (standard computers do not have the power to run proper design software quickly & effectively), stock of wooden frames – or wood to make the frames, stretching tools & other periferals, and so on…. Most artists choose to stick to what they’re good at – and leave the production of the Giclee Canvas Prints to a studio. who have the equipment, stock, expertise & experience, to provide fantastic results every time.

Here at Photo Image Art, we have been involved in professional printing onto a wide range of substrates, for over 38 years, and have a very experienced studio team of designers & digital canvas printing experts who are here to help you to turn your art into superb high quality Giclee canvas prints.

Why not give us a call today at the Photo Image Art Giclee Canvas prints studio,  on 01625 876618 and talk to one of our friendly & helpful design & production staff about turning your artwork into Giclee Canvas Prints?