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Giclee Canvas Prints

What are Giclee Canvas Prints?

Giclee (pronounced “zhee-clay” prints, is a term used by many to describe high quality inkjet printing to produce fine arts prints onto a range of different substrates.

Giclee is taken from “gicler” the French word spray or squirt, so really Giclee just means fine art which has been sprayed onto the substrate, rather than being painted or screened, or produced with other more traditional print methods.

We produce super high quality Giclee canvas prints, using your photographs, images or designs – simply select your image from your computer, upload to our server – choose any one of a number of free special effects (or telephone us on 01625 876618 if there is something more specific you would like us to do with the photo or image) and a few days later you will receive your stunning canvas art print.

Veiw the canvas prints section of our online shop, for our standard canvas sizes & prices – but please bear in mind that we can make bespoke canvas prints to your specifications. We make all our frames in-house, so we can produce whatever size of canvas you need.

We have a team of highly trained & experienced design staff, who will be more than happy to discuss your particular requirements, give us a call today on 01625 876618 and let us know how we can help you to produce your perfect wall canvas art print.

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