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Canvas Prints – Image Manipulation & Completion.

In the photo, it looks like the photo on the right is the original photo, and that we have cropped the image to give the image on the left?


The image on the left is the original photograph we were given, but the customer was upset that the dogs paws had been cut off when the picture was developed, and didn’t have the original – so we simply scanned the photo in, and gave the dog his paws back!

Do they look like normal dogs paws to you?

Everything in the bottom of the image, below the point at where the original photograph stops, has been done our professional designers.

Canvas Prints with FREE Image Manipulation and Effects

Quite often when given photos to turn into canvas prints, we’re asked to complete images which have been cut off the photo, we’ve even given people part of their hair back, who have been partially cut off the side of a photo.

So if you have a photo which you think would look fantastic hanging as a canvas print in your home or office, if it wasn’t for a problem with the photo, just upload the photo to our website, in most cases we’re able to correct the problem without any visual evidence that there was any problem to fix.

If you have any questions about photo canvas prints or other

personalised gifts, visit our new blog, you may find that someone else

has already asked the question you have on your mind, and if not, just

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