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Canvas Prints – Photo Repair & Alterations

Do you have a photo that you would like to have made into a canvas wall print, if only it wasn’t for a problem with the image, such as red-eye, or some other problem which ruins the photo?

Our customer was dissapointed that they had a great looking photograph which included their dog – but the camera flash had resulted in a bad case of red-eye, which looked even worse when the photo was made black & white, and the customer wanted the photo turning into a black & white canvas print.

Canvas Prints Free Effects & Alterations.

So – as you can see in the image, we gave the dog his eye back.

Red eye removal on people isn’t quite as difficult, as red-eye on humans doesn’t usually result in the whole eye disappearing, but it’s different with animals – we’ve actually had to draw the eye in.

This is just one example of the many repairs & alterations we can make to photo’s when creating canvas prints.

So if you have a photo which you think would be perfect as a canvas if not for just one or two problems – we can usually remove these problems, free of charge.

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