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Canvas Prints – Virtual Cosmetic Surgery

Did you think celebrities were the only people who could have their photo’s airbrushed?

As you’re more than likely aware, most of the pictures we see in magazines of celebrities looking fantastic – have been touched up to quite a degree. In fact, often if you met someone famous, you’d think you were meeting their older sibling, because designers can cleverly get rid of wrinkles, crows feet, and can generally make people look younger & more healthy.

But it’s not just celebs who can benefit from this.

If you have a great photo of yourself, or of a friend or member of your family, that would look stunning as a canvas wall print, if you ask us to, our professional designers can doctor the photographs in the same way as in the magazines, hiding signs of aging – even giving a virtual facelift.

Canvas Prints Free Effects.

In the image on the right of the screen, you will see that we have drastically reduced the signs of aging. You’ll quickly notice that we’ve taken away the crows feet, and most of the laughter lines.

We’ve taken away the bags under the eyes, we’ve softened the look of the skin, and if you look at the image closely you’ll see we’ve even given her an eye lift – just to show how far we can go.

Of course we’re not saying that signs of aging are a bad thing – both of the pictures above show an attractive looking woman, its simply that one looks younger than the other, and if you want to look younger on a photo of yourself that you like – then why shouldn’t you?

So, if you have an image which you think would look great as a canvas print but would look better with some airbrushing, we can help. Whether it’s unwanted spots or blemishes, discoloured teeth, a bruise or scratch, just send us the photo & you’ll be very impressed with what we can do.

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