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Don’t Forget Your Personalised Luggage Tags!

I’ve just returned from a fab holiday in the Algarve. I’d treated myself to a new suitcase, a really bright red one. I thought I’d easily see it, trundling round on the conveyor belt…I didn’t…! I thought it would stand out from the rest….It didn’t….! I thought there was no way I’d get it mixed up with someone else’s luggage…! Wrong….! There were lots of suitcases absolutely identical to mine, same colour, same make…how rude!!!

Now, if I’d invested in one of these Personalised Luggage Tags it would have been a different story. Personalised with a photograph of my choice, lettering of my choice, maybe something along the lines of ‘are you sure this is your suitcase…look again’…as I made a grab for several bright red suitcases that weren’t mine, realising at the last minute. Imagine, arriving at your holiday destination, or back at home with someone else’s belongings (and washing!). What a nightmare that would be.

These Personalised Luggage Tags are made from fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and are far more robust than the usual card or plastic luggage tags. They also have a steel fastener, ensuring they stay attached to your luggage, lets face it, it’s no use having a luggage tag at all if it’s going to drop off on it’s journey, whichever direction it’s heading, and as we know, our luggage has to be able to withstand a fair amount of trundling about, and have you seen the way they come flying onto the conveyor belt. A robust suitcase with a robust personalised luggage tag is the answer.

They make brilliant, inexpensive, photo gift ideas too. Get the children involved and let them choose their own photograph and lettering, that will give them a project to complete during these long school holidays, as well as ensuring their luggage will be safe with their own Personalised Luggage Tags. Turn it into a game at the conveyor belt, see who can spot their tag first. This will keep them entertained during the wait (have you noticed how kids hate waiting at the conveyor belt, that’s when they usually start playing up, especially if they’re tired after a flight, and so are you, or excited en route to their hols). A good idea too for hen/stag holidays, matching luggage tags for everyone, and even bespoke honeymoon luggage tags. So lots of ideas, and lots of reasons to make sure you add ‘Personalised Luggage Tags’ to your holiday check list.

As I listen to the pounding rain hammering against my windows as I write this, it’s made me think about booking another getaway, and this time, bright red suitcase or not, I’ll be investing in a Personalised Luggage Tag this time, without a doubt…!

Happy holidays everyone.