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Easter Special Offer

10% off Personalised Easter Gifts

Surprise your friends and family this year with personalised photo gifts; instead of the same old gift of chocolates, and get 10% off.

Just enter the discount code : easter10

Offer lasts until Easter Sunday (24th April)

The beauty of photo gifts is that the possibilities are limitless; simply use your imagination and you’ll come up with the perfect gift to suit the person / people you’re purchasing the gift for.

Here are some idea’s to get your creative juices flowing:

Personalised Photo Mug with matching coaster – filled with your loved one’s favourite treat.

Easter Photo Mugs.

Granted, printed mugs containing chocolates or sweets are available off the shelf, but yours would be extra special, a one off unique gift, and the recipient will be aware of the extra effort you`ve made.

Maybe for Mum and Dad, or for Grandparents a pair of matching mugs, a set of Easter mugs of your own design, or a set of mugs and coasters complete with matching tea towel?

Going to Mum and Dad’s for easter Sunday – why not surprise them by setting the table to reveal their gift, of personalised wooden photo placemats?

These are just a few idea’s to get you thinking – browse our online shop and you will see we offer a wide range of great personalised photo gifts, so just get creative; choose the perfect bespoke gifts for your friends and family this year, and make Easter eggstra special!

Remember – use the code: easter10 for your 10% discount

What Date is Mothers Day? ¦.Sunday 3rd April 2011 ¦.don`t forget ¦.!

What Date is Mothers Day?  It`s amazing how many people at this time of year, Google this question in fact, even right up to the last minute, in the week leading up to Mothers day, there is still search activity which shows that many sons & daughters all of a sudden think agghh, when is Mothers day???? 

This year, it`s Sunday 3rd April 2011.

Now a little bit of history for you ¦Mothers Day is centuries old. In England a day dedicated to mothers came about in the 1600 ²s, when it was known as ¢ ¬Ãƒâ€¹Ã…“Mothering Sunday ¢ ¬Ãƒâ€¹Ã…“. Poor people at that time sent their young children to work as servants for the rich, and they were allowed just one day off each year to visit their own churches and their homes and families. They attended church and met their mothers, usually with gifts of flowers or simnel cake, and it was a time of great reunion.

So for your great reunion this year what have you in mind. Flowers, chocolates, a meal ¦?
Why not find a really special photograph for your mum, maybe of you and your siblings if you have brothers / sisters. The grandchildren is of course the obvious choice for Grandparents. Or a favourite pet, a favourite place, a special memory ¦. and have that photograph reproduced as a unique bespoke personalised gift.

For instance a photo cushion, a personalised tea towel, a photo mug & matching coaster, or a canvas print or if you can`t decide which photograph to use, a collage canvas or a set of mugs using various different photo`s.

If you decide on photo mugs, one idea could be to fill your personalised mugs with mum`s favourite chocolates, she really would love that. Or Maybe a photo purse, photo keyring, photo jigsaw puzzle, the always popular photo fridge magnets, bookmark, a clock or even a teddy bear wearing a t shirt with a special photo / image of your choice. We can turn any photograph or design into a wide range of high quality personalised gifts of your choice, a special gift for a special day, for our special mums.

Maybe you have a great photograph you`d like to use, but it isn`t quite right. Maybe there`s a random person in the background, someone has red eye, maybe there`s a plant which appears to be sprouting from the top of someone`s head ¦Don`t worry, we can manipulate images, removing unwanted people, unwanted objects and of course getting rid of that annoying red eye. Perhaps you have a photograph that is faded or damaged, absolutely no problem, we can repair that too, ¢ ¬Ãƒâ€¹Ã…“but at what cost ¦?` I hear you say ¦none at all, this is completely free ¦it`s all part of the service at PhotoImageArt. We pride ourselves on having the best quality customer service, highly competitive prices, fast turnaround (especially important for those last minute gifts) and offer free effects. Free image repair and free restoration and airbrushing, all performed by our inhouse, expert team.

I always think it means such a lot more when some extra thought has been put into a gift, and this will be the case with a unique bespoke gift created from a photograph or image of your choice. Of course we all love receiving chocolates and flowers as well, but gain some extra brownie points from your mum this Mothers Day with an extra special high quality personalised gift expertly created by UK Canvas Prints using an image of your choice.
Don`t let your Mothers Day reunion leave your mum wondering what to do with yet another scarf, pair of gloves or more bubble bath, make it extra special this year with a high quality bespoke gift that will be treasured for ever and ever.