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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the links to the bottom of the page for FAQs for specific products.


Q: Can you turn any photograph or artwork into a personalised printed gift?

A: Yes we can. Just follow the simple steps to upload your image design or photo, and we can can turn any photo, image or design into a wide range of high quality personalised gifts, including photo canvas art, mugs, coasters, mouse mats, barbeque aprons and more.

We use your own digital or hard copy image to create a Canvas Print.
The better the quality image, the better the resulting Canvas Print. (Subject to copyright)

Please remember that every item within your photo will be enlarged, it will highlight both the good and the bad.
Please contact us with your exact requirements.

Q: Does the size & quality of my image matter?

A: Yes. Please be aware that although we can use any image – the quality of the finished product will be restricted by the quality of the image you provide. 

If you send an image which was taken on a mobile phone camea for instance, on low quality settings, and is 10cmx10cm and a low resolution – if we were to enlarge the image to stretch onto a canvas frame, jigsaw puzzle or mousemat for example, the image would more than likely look pixelated as a result.

So please send us images that are large enough & high quality enough for the size of item you would like the image printed onto.

Q: What quality should I set my camera to?

A: If you’re taking photographs with your digital camera that you would like to turn into unique gift ideas such as photo canvas prints, photo wooden mousemats, coffee mugs or any other one of the wide range of gift idea’s you will find on our website – then please set the digital camera to it’s highest quality setting, to produce the largest file possible.

This is especially important if you would like to turn your photo’s into photo canvas art, or other large items. For photo mugs, coasters, small jigsaw puzzles & mousemats it’s not usually too much of an issue, but it’s always better to produce larger photo’s rather than smaller to be on the safe side. Taking your photo’s at higher resolution also gives you more possibilities, perhaps you’ll take a picture so good that you decide you want it on a large canvas hung at pride of place in your lounge, or office – taking large high quality photo’s allows for these kinds of possibilities.

Q: What type of digital file should I send?

A: Normally your digital camera will save images in (jpeg) file format.
We would prefer jpeg, Tif or RAW file formats but we can accept many others.
Please contact us with your exact requirements.

Q: I only have a standard camera, not digital?

A: No problem! You can send us your standard photograph and we will
digitally scan it for you. Or email us a digital scanned image of your
photograph at 300dpi or higher.
Please make sure that your photo is not too light or dark.
Any actual photographs posted to us will be handled with extreme care
and posted back to you with your finished printed products.


Q: I’m not sure about my photo’s, I don’t know how high quality they are, how large they are, or what file types they are. HELP!

A: Don’t worry – our team of talented artists & designers have a wealth of experience to call
upon at any time regarding questions you may have about your photos & images. If
you are unsure about anything at all, just telephone us on 01625 876618 and we will be able to help.

Q: How long do the images last on digitally printed photo gifts?

A: We on’y use the highest quality substrates, blank gifts, techniques & inks – therefore the images on the personalised gifts we produce are as long lasting as they possibly can be.

The actual life on an image depends on the item itself, and how the item is used. For instance, our photo canvas prints are printed onto the highest quality canvas available, using inks which are colour fast for 75 years. Plus, you’re not going to be putting a canvas print in the washing machine or dishwasher, and the surface isn’t going to encounter much contact with anything else.

However other items such as mugs & Tshirts, may suffer from some image degrading over a long period of time, due to washing, constant contact with hands & other objects. But, any image loss will be very subtle, and is rarely even noticable even after many years.

If you have any specific questions about the image life for particular products, please see links to the product FAQ’s on the left of the page.