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Canvas Prints FAQ

Q: Can you turn any photograph or artwork into a Photo Canvas Print?

A: Yes we can. We use your own digital or hard copy photo to create a Canvas Print.
The better the quality image, the better the resulting Canvas Print. (Subject to copyright)

Please remember that every item within your photo will be enlarged, it will highlight both the good and the bad.

Please contact us with your exact requirements.

Q: What exactly is a Canvas Wrap?

A: We will produce your photo canvas in one of two formats, with or
without a wrap-around edge.

Often referred to as Box Canvas or Gallery Wrap is when the image folds
around the edges of the frame to provide the most popular way of
mounting your photo canvas print.

If no wrap is required, then the photographic image is presented
squarely on the front of the canvas and will have plain white edges for
a more contemporary look.
Please specify when completing your order.

Q: What considerations should I take into account?

A: When choosing your photograph, please take into account the
Canvas wrap.

If this style of Canvas is required, then the outer edges

will be wrapped around the edge of the frame and would only be visible
from the side views.

Our studio will do its utmost to retain as much of the original
composure of your photograph, but please take this into consideration
and try to avoid subjects around the very edge of your photo.

Q: I am unsure about my photographic image?

A: Our team of talented artists have a wealth of experience to call
upon at any time regarding questions you may have about your photo. If

you are unsure about the possibilities of turning an image into a work
of art for your wall then please contact us for guidance.

Q: How long will a Canvas Print last?

A: We only use top quality grade canvas and our inks are colour fast for 75 years.
Under normal circumstances no discolouration should be encountered.
We provide a “Care for your Canvas” sheet with every item delivered.

Q: What type of digital file should I send?

A: Normally your digital camera will save images in (jpeg) file format.
We would prefer jpeg, Tif or RAW file formats but we can accept many others.
Please contact us with your exact requirements.

Q: What digital file size should I provide?

A: We recommend at least 500kb or digital photographs taken with a
4-megapixel camera or higher, set to its best possible image settings.

This will ensure a good quality image to work from and enlarge into a
dramatic Canvas Print. We can receive images up to 10mb in size.

Q: I only have a standard camera, not digital?

A: No problem! You can send us your standard photograph and we will
digitally scan it for you. Or email us a digital scanned image of your
photograph at 300dpi or higher.

Please make sure that your photo is not too light or dark.
Any actual photographs posted to us will be handled with extreme care

and posted back to you with your final Canvas Print.