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Photo Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle FAQ

Q: Can you turn any photograph or artwork into a Photo Jigsaw Puzzle?

A: As long as the image or photographs are your own, or you have permission of the copyright owner (we will require proof of this if you’re requesting copyrighted images to be printed, such as celebrities or trademarks) then we will be able to turn yout photo or image into high quality photo jigsaw puzzles – providing the quality of the image or photo is high enough for the size of jigsaw puzzle you require.

Q: Does the image size matter

A: Yes. our jigsaw puzzles are rectangular in shape : 120x175mm, 250x175mm & 360mm x 250mm – therefore your image will need to be of a rectangular shape that will fit landscape or portrait. They do not have to be exact – we can re-size them, but they will have to be of a rectangular shape, or be such that they can be cropped into rectangular shape, so that they can fit onto items of these dimensions.

For instance, if you provide a square shaped image, it would be difficult to fir this onto a rectangular jigsaw puzzle, unless there is spare background in the image so that we can crop into a rectangular shape.

Q: What file size do I need to send?

A: The bigger the better. The more we have to enlarge your photo in order to get it to stretch onto the size of photo jigsaw you require, the more pizelated the image will appear – so if you send a 72dpi image which is 50x100mm, to be printed onto a 360mm x 250mm jigsaw puzzle, obviously it’s not going to look great.

If you’re unsure, just give us a call on 01625 876618, and one of our expert designers will be happy to help you.

Q: What are the photo jigsaw puzzles made out of?

A: Our jigsaw puzzles are laser cut, from HDF, high density fibreboard.

HDF – High Density Fibreboard is denser, and harder than the more commonly known “MDF” and HDF is the highest quality engineered wood product available. HDF is made by bonding a high density of dry wood fibres together using polymer resin. What this means to you – is that our jigsaw puzzles are made superior quality materials, meaning that your fantastic looking photo jigsaw gift isn’t going to damage easily, leaving the recipient dissapointed with their gift.

Q: What printing process do you use?

A: We use the Dye Sublimation printing process to print our photo jugsaw puzzles, and all of our other photo gifts (excluding canvas prints, which are printed using a process specifically for printing onto canvas).

Dye sublimation is a permanent process used to print stunning high quality images onto a wide range of items. The dye sublimation process actually dyes the image IN to (not onto) the surface of the item, which means that it does not wash, or run off.

Also – because the print is in the surface – not on it – you cannot feel the ink on the surface of the item, as there is no ink there. What happens, is the image leaves the special holding paper, and turns into a vapour, bonds with the polymer molecules present in the surface of the gift item (the jigsaw puzzle in this case) and then turns back into a solid as it cools down – leaving the exact image that was in the holding paper, now IN the surface of the jigsaw puzzle.

Q: Can I post you my standard pictures?

A: While we prefer to work from digital images, if you do not have digital photos or scans of your prints, we are happy to scan your photo’s & turn them into digital prints which we will then use to make your photo jigsaws. Simply post your images to us (using recorded mail) and we will send then back to you with your photo jigsaw puzzles.

Any more questions about our personalised photo jigsaw puzzles? Just give us a calll on 01625 876618, or email us