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Photo Mugs FAQ

Q: Can you turn any photo or design into a Photo Mug?

A: Yes we can make printed photo mugs using any image, quality permitting, providing that the image is your own, or you have permission of the copyright owner.

Q:Are your digital photo mugs dishwasher safe?

A: Yes. Our photo mugs have the hardest coating available on the market, which makes them safe for dishwasher use. However please note, that over a long period of time, photo mugs are likely to deteriorate slightly in image quality, but with our mugs any degrading over time is going to be very subtle.

For instance, if you send a rectangular image, we will have to make
this into a square image either by cropping, or adding background

colour. If you don’t mind this, then we can work with any shaped image,
but we will need to soeak to you first to ensure you’re going to be
happy with the result.

If you are unsure about the shape of your images, please telephone
us on 01625 876618, and one of our professional designers will be able
to offer you assistance.

Q: What file size do I need to send?

A: Usually The bigger the better. The printable area on a photo mug is relatively

small in comparison to our large jigsaw puzzles & photo canvas printes for examlpe, so unless your image is particularly small, it will more than likely be OK for printing onto a mug.. If we think your image is too small
or will look low quality for any reason, we will contact you prior to
starting the work.

If you’re unsure, just give us a call on 01625 876618.

Q: What are the photo mugs made out of?

A: Our photo mugs are high quality ceramic mugs.

Q: What printing process do you use?

A: We use the Dye Sublimation printing process to print our photo
mugs, and all of our other photo gifts (excluding canvas
prints, which are printed using a process specifically for printing
onto canvas).

Dye sublimation is a permanent process used to print stunning high
quality images onto a wide range of items. The dye sublimation process
actually dyes the image IN to (not onto) the surface of the item, which

means that it does not wash, or run off.

Also – because the print is in the surface – not on it – you cannot
feel the ink on the surface of the item, as there is no ink there. What
happens, is the image leaves the special holding paper, and turns into
a vapour, bonds with the polymer molecules present in the surface of
the gift item (the photo mug in this case) and then turns back into
a solid as it cools down – leaving the exact image that was in the
holding paper, now IN the surface of the mug.

This is why it is important that we use a high quality hard coating on our blank mugs, as the image is dyed into the surface of the coating. There are cheaper blank mugs available which use a lesser quality weaker coating, we opt to use the higherst quality coated blank mugs available.

Q: Can I post you my standard pictures?

A: While we prefer to work from digital images, if you do not have
digital photos or scans of your prints, we are happy to scan your
photo’s & turn them into digital prints which we will then use to
make your photo jigsaws. Simply post your images to us (using recorded

mail) and we will send then back to you with your personalised photo mugs.

Any more questions about our personalised photo jigsaw puzzles? Just give us a calll on 01625 876618, or email us