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You confirm when uploading your images, that you either own the copyright for the image, or you have the copyright owner’s permission. 

We are unable (due to legal reasons) to print any image which are of an “adult” nature. If you are not sure whether your image may be deemed as of an adult nature, please telephone us on 01625 876 618, and provide a verbal description of the image, so we can inform you whether or not we would be able to work with your image. 

The quality of the finished item is restricted by the quality of your image, if the image is blurred / poor quality, there is usually very little we can do to improve the image on the finished product. 

The image size needs to be sufficient for the product. For example if the product you are ordering is large, and the image is very small, then the image will need enlarging – and depending on the resolution of the image, enlarging may cause a deterioration in quality.

The image needs to be of an appropriate profile for the product. For example if you’re ordering a product with a square profile, and you upload a rectangular image, then the image will have to be printed with blank space above and below the image. 

If you need any advice prior to ordering, please give us a call on 01625 876 618

Thank you.