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Personalised Iphone Case

We are now supplying personalised Iphone cases

Personalised Iphone Case.

If you own an iphone, the chances are that you have a protective iphone case, especially if you have an iphone 4, as the phone doesn’t perform properly without the case.

If you have an iphone case, then you probably have a plain either black or white case to match your phone, like everyone else – BORING…..

Everyone is different, we’re all individual and we all have our own style – so why be plain & boring – add some character & style to your iphone, with a personalised photo iphone case!

Personalised iphone cases have a number of applications & benefits:

Brilliant Christmas Gifts. How many of your friends & family own an iphone? If you’re looking for a fairly inexpensive gift but you don’t want to go for the bog standard christmas gift, surprise friends & loved ones with a personalised photo iphone case, personalised with an image which has special significance to them.

Ladies –  Accessorize! When you consider it, your iphone is probably your most expensive accessory, and it is on show more than any other accessory – you’re either texting on it, have it pressed to your ear, or it’s in your hands or out on the table in front of you, so stand out by having an iphone which matches your style. What’s more, because we’re making the personalised iphone cases so affordable (more than 30% cheaper than many other online  retailers), you can even have different cases to match different occaisons or different outfits. Just as you would chose the right bag to take out depending on what you’re wearing, you can do the same with your iphone case!

No more picking up the wrong iphone. Have you ever gone out to work with your partner / spouse’s / son or daughter’s / mum or dad’s iphone by mistake? Many people have, as they all look the same. It’s common also for people to  mistakenly  pick up the wrong iphone in the office. With a personalised iphone case, there’s little chance of this ever  happening  again!

Look professional in business. If you are a business person, how professional would it look to your clients to have an iphone case which displays your logo and web address? If you run a company, and you have sales staff with company iphones, what a great idea it would be for them to have personalised iphone cases which carry the company brand, and add that little extra touch of professionalism.

Prevent from forgetting your iphone. Have you ever forgotten, or nearly forgotten your iphone because you didn’t notice it against a same coloured surface? For instance if you have the black iphone & it’s on a black surface, or the white iphone on a white surface, it’s very easy to miss it & walk away. You would never miss your iphone with a colourful personalised iphone case!

So, order your personalised photo iphone case today for just £18.99 (and get 10% off this price as part of the  Christmas  10% sale)