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Personalised Luggage Tags

Looking forward to your holiday? Most people look forward to just about everything associated with their holiday – apart from collecting their luggage! It can be such a pain – and so frustrating!

Personalised luggage tags are a fantastic idea, to make it much easier for you to spot your luggage on the way around the conveyor.

personalised luggage tags

Our personalised luggage tags are thick, heavy weight FRP (fibre glass reinforced plastic), so don’t mistake them for the less substantial plastic and card luggage tags – once they’re on, these luggage tags are not coming off, and this is helped by the metal faster which we provide with the tag.

The printing process we use is a super high quality print process called dye sublimation, which means that the image is dyed into the surface of the luggage tag, and not printed just onto the surface as with lesser quality print processes, which means that as well as the luggage tag not coming off your luggage – the image is not coming off the luggage tag!

As these luggage tags are personalised with your own photos / images and / or text, it can make it MUCH easier for you to spot your luggage, and make collecting your bags that little bit less stressful.

Also, a great gift for anyone you know who likes to travel!