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Personalised Photo T-Shirts for all occasions

I have some old personalised photo T Shirts from 1999…they are amongst my most prized possessions, because I was given them when I took part in a charity trek across the Sahara Desert. They’re just white cotton T Shirts, with the charity trek logo, the dates, etc., but they are souvenirs of a very enjoyable event that I took part in, and they mean a lot to me.

Was I to repeat that experience, which I hope I might be able to one day, I think I would definately go for a personalised photo T Shirt. It’s 13 years since my trek, but I wish then I’d known about these microfibre, cotton feel T Shirts, made specially to wick moisture away from the body, we definately needed them in the Sahara, in the scorching heat of the day, although maybe not during the freezing nights when the temperature plumetted, although I do remember wearing them during the night, as well as all my other clothes, in an attempt to keep warm. Those Bedouin tents were very draughty, no sewn in ground sheets for us!

Personalised photo T Shirts, for men, women and children, with a cotton feel to make them more comfortable to wear. They also protect skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, which is something you don’t get with standard cotton T Shirts, something else we really needed back in 1999, but unfortunately didn’t have…!

Perhaps you’ve got an event coming up this summer, a charity event, hen or stag night or weekend, maybe you’re a member of a walking group, take part in outdoor activities, a member of a cycling group, or are even planning to undertake an ariel extreme activity. I did that once, dangling 100 foot above the ground on a black route, wondering whose idea it was. It was more scary than the desert with it’s scorpions and snakes! Why not get yourselves together, take a group photograph, and all have matching photo T Shirts.

Ideal too for children in the summer, to keep those harmful rays away from their delicate skin. Combine it with an activity for the children, let them invent their own design for a T Shirt, take a photograph of it, and have it reproduced as a photo T Shirt. They’d be more inclined to keep it on then.

They make excellent gifts too. Stuck on what to buy for someone with a Birthday coming up? Some people are really difficult to buy for aren’t they. Think about their interests, for example, gardening, golfing, cooking, bird watching, one idea could be to design a T Shirt for them, with a photograph of them incorporated into their particular hobby. That would make a unique bespoke gift, and I’m sure they’d be grateful for the effort and thought put into that gift, much more so than the usual gift voucher.

Our Personalised photo T Shirts, are high quality, in wide ranging sizes, and very reasonably priced, and they tick the box, whether it’s a summer event, party, unique gift or ariel extreme scare yourself to death activity. There’s an idea, a photo T Shirt with an image of yourself looking scared, well, that would be my T Shirt anyway, very good fun though, all the same.