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Personalised Tea Towels

Our UK made (manufactured, and printed right here in the UK)  Personalised tea towels are  currently  one of our most popular photo gifts – and we think we know why.

Personalised Tea Towels.

One of the reasons, we  believe for personalised tea towels now being such a popular gift idea for such a wide range of  occasions, in particular for Mothers day and Christmas, but also for Fathers day, Birthdays and other events and  occasions – is the image…

With photo gifts, it’s all about the image – it’s not the tea towel, the mug, the cushion etc., that is special, it’s the photo or image which is important to the customer, or to the recipient of the gift – and with tea towels having such a large print area, it allows a much larger image than with many other photo gifts.

They’re also a very affordable gift, our personalised tea towels are just £11.49, which is a very reasonable price for a high quality personalised product with such a large print.

As we have wider format printing & pressing machinery than many other photo gifts suppliers, we are able to print full edge to edge personalised tea towels – which makes our photo tea towels even more impressive.

Personalised Tea Towels.

When we began personalising tea towels, we were using the same blank tea towels as most personalised gifts businesses, as the choice was very limited. We were not overly happy with the quality of the tea towel, but because we require polyester for the high quality print process we use, we had virtually no  options other than the tea towels we were using.

So we made the decision to have our own high quality tea towels manufactured for us, here in the UK, which means we now have complete control over the quality of our personalised tea towels!

The high quality UK made tea towels, and our high quality printing process is not the only thing that makes our printed tea towels special, however.

The studio and production staff, based in our  premises  in Stockport, Cheshire – roughly 12 miles from Manchester City Centre, are extremely experienced, which helps us to ensure that we  consistently  produce high quality personalised tea towels and other photo gifts.

Order your high quality  personalised tea towels from PhotoImageArt, or if you have any questions feel free to email us at or telephone 01625 876618 (Monday Friday 9.00 4.30)