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Personalised Toothbrush holders

Looking for inexpensive yet useful & fun christmas gift ideas? Try these new personalised toothbrush holders.

They’re a high quality ceramic toothbrush holder, which we can personalise with photo’s and/or text of your choice, to make completely personalised tootbrush holders, as fun yet useful photo gifts.

Fun: Great stocking fillers for the kids, Personalise these toothbrush holders with any photo / image that the kids will love, their favourite teddies, their favourite pet, photo’s of themselves – whatever you know they’ll enjoy looking at.

Useful: It’s common for families to get mixed up with regards which toothbrush belongs to whom, often a decision is made when a new pack of toothbrush’s is purchased, about who is having which colour, and this can lead to sibling arguments further  down  the line when the details of this decision have become hazy. Simple solution – as well as uploading a picture, use the text box to tell us which colour belongs to which name; no more arguments! (well, about toothbrush’s anyway, we cannot guarantee that your children will not argue about every other aspect of day to day life ;-).