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Photo Products – Printed Tea Towels, Photo Cushions, Canvas Prints & More.

At Photo Image Art, our business is high quality photo products. That is, we take your cherished images, and turn them into stunning high quality products.

We print your photos and other images, onto a wide range of items, including tea towels, cushion covers, canvas prints, photo coffee mugs, bags, jigsaw puzzles, CD wallets, purses, car sun shades & more.

What makes our photo products high quality?

1: The quality of the printing process: For most photo products (all except for canvas prints & photo wall paper) we use a very high quality printing process called Dye Sublimation printing, in which the surface of the product is not printed onto as with lesser quality methods – but is actually printed in to. These products contain a polymer content or coating, and the dye sublimation process is an incredibly clever process of dying the polymer molecules – so that the photo or whatever the image is, is printed onto a special holding paper called dye sublimation paper, and this is heat pressed onto the item, and at the sublimation temperature of around 200 degrees C, the dye molecules bond with the polymer molecules, and the image is now inside the polymer surface of the product. This makes for printed items with unrivaled longevity and colour fastness.

2: The quality of the products themselves. We source the best quality photo products available, and with some of our products including tea towels and photo cushions, this means that we have our own items manufactured here in the UK, as we were unable to find any products available which met up with our high quality requirements.

3: The experience and skills of our team. We have a simple philosophy – would we be happy with the item ourselves or giving to a friend or family member as a gift, if we would not be, then we would not be happy sending this product to a client. We take real pride in our work, and our clients tell us that this shows in the results. Our studio manager has over 30 years experience in design & print, and all those involved with the process right from taking your order from our website all the way through to dispatching your personalised photo product, have many years of experience invested in the printing business.

So if you’re looking for a great UK supplier of personalised photo products, try our service and see for yourself.