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Teachers Gift Ideas – Say Thanks to Your Teacher with Personalised Gifts.

We’re heading towards the summer holidays, and undoubtedly if you’rea student, to say you’re looking forward to it would be an understatement, and if you’re a parent, to say you’re looking forward to it would be an overstatement…

But here’s a question for you, what are you planning to give to your teacher (or to give to your children and make them promise they will actually give totheir teacher) as an end of term gift?

On the last day of term, teachers pack their cars up with the gifts they receive from their students. Chocolates, bottles, flowers, plants – you can probably imagine that it gets a bit bland, even though of course they will always appreciate the gesture.

So why not surprise teachers this year, with personalised gifts? Show your teacher (or help your children to show their teachers) that some thought has actually gone into the gift, and it’s not just a token.

This is especially relevant if you (or your child) are moving class, or leaving the school all together, as it will be your parting gesture to that teacher, why not leave them with a fond memory?

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing: (if you’re a parent, why not print this off and give to your kids to give them some ideas?)

Group effort: Get together with your class, and get someone to take some photo’s of you all holding up an A4 page each, to spell out the words “We Love Mrs Jones” (for example), or “We will miss you Mr Evans!”, put in a couple of pounds each, and have this image put onto a mug, coaster, and tea towel – or a canvas print, or a photo cushion?

Autographs: If the class is moving up, or leaving, have all of the class write a message and sign their name, onto some sheets of A4 paper. Either scan them in & upload them when ordering, or email them to us (or even pop them in the post, Meshtex Ltd, Unit 2 second Avenue, Poynton Ind. Est., Cheshire, SK12 1ND. Make sure you include your name and contact details), everyone put in a couple of pounds each, and have us create a high quality photo cushion or canvas print for your teacher, with all of your messages and signatures.

School trip photos: Do you have any photo’s of your teacher from a school trip or activity? Such photo’s on a photo mug, or a mug and coaster, make for a great and inexpensive yet thoughtful end of term gift.

Teachers notes: Go through old school books and find comments from the teacher, where they have corrected you on a subject you have struggled with. Scan them in and email or upload them when ordering, and tell us what message you would like on the photo gift, along with the comments, for example “Dear Mrs Edwards, I get it now!!!” or “Thank you Mr Jones, and I WILL try harder!”

Funny: Think of something which will make your teacher giggle. For instance, if you were continually getting told to be quiet by the teacher, have a picture taken with tape over your mouth and the message “Finally I’m speechless. Thank you Mr Williams!” or perhaps there was an event /  indecent  that wasn’t so funny at the time but you can laugh about it now school is out, for example if you were given lines to write, you could have a mug printed, with lines in your handwriting saying :

‘thank you for being a great teacher Miss Dean, I’ll miss you

thank you for being a great teacher Miss Dean, I’ll miss you

thank you for being a great teacher Miss Dean, I’ll miss you

thank you for being a great teacher Miss Dean, I’ll miss you

…can i stop now miss, my hand is aching! ;-D ‘

Teachers Catchphrases: Often teachers have a catchphrase that they love to repeat, why not incorporate your teachers favorite catchphrase onto a photo mug, and tell him or her that whenever they want to say this in future he or she can just hold up their cup of tea or coffee, and the class will get the idea…

Caption contest: Do you have a picture of your teacher? If so, think of a funny caption to put inside a speech bubble next to their picture, and have us turn this into a personalised end of term gift.

As you can see the possibilities are almost endless, these are just a few novel ideas to get you thinking.

One thing is for sure, if you put some effort into an end of term gift for your teacher,they will not forget it for a LONG time, if ever!