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Valentines Day Sale

Roses are red, violets are blue, heart shaped cushions on offer, iphone cases too….

Valentines day gifts - heart shaped photo cushion.

OK we may not be the worlds best when it comes to poetry, but when it comes to high quality photo gifts, we know our stuff!

What gifts do you buy for your valentine? Chocolates, flowers? OK, fair enough, the standard run of the mill Valentines day gifts are all very well and good – but if you get your partner the same kind of gift every year, the true meaning of giving a gift, i.e. to surprise, to show someone what you mean to them – are lost, and it becomes simply a token, token gifts are largely taken as meaningless, a quick nip to the shop to pick up a bunch of flowers, doesn’t really say much does it?

So why not consider putting the element of surprise back into valentines day? If you’re flush, a weekend away is a nice idea… but if like most people, you’re shopping on a fairly tight budget, then personalised photo gifts are the perfect solution!

Find an image (on your iphone, on your facebook account or wherever it may be) either of the two of you together, or just of you, or whatever your partner will love – choose a gift (for example, a  heart shaped cushion,  heart shaped jigsaw puzzle, a  photo Iphone 4 case, or whatever photo gift you know he or she will like), tell us using the text box, what message you would like to appear on the gift (if you would like text in addition to the photo), checkout – and you’ll have the perfect affordable valentines day gift a couple of days later.