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What to do With Those Graduation Photo’s

Got a Graduation coming up this summer….?

Don’t forget your camera, take some memorable photographs of the day and then plan ahead. Instead of leaving your photo’s on the memory card, or memory stick, have a think now about what you could do with the images from your special day.

Why just do the same as everyone else and only have the usual ‘cap and gown’ photo gracing your wall? You would want that as well, of course you would, but have a think about alternatives, or extras, for yourself or for gifts for your family.

Have a look at our stunning bespoke photo gifts. Just to give you some ideas, think about a personalised photo mouse mat, photo purse or personalised wallet, photo key ring, personalised fridge magnets, photo luggage tags, to name just a few.   (I love fridge magnets and am always happy to recieve one as a gift). For yourself, what about a personalised i phone 4 case, making your phone much more easily identifiable (and much easier to find when rummaging at the bottom of your bag!). I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve picked up the wrong phone when out with family, as some of us even have the same cases. That wouldn’t happen with a unique bespoke personalised photo case. These items all make brilliant gifts for the family too, for birthdays and christmas (now that is planning ahead, did you know there are only 170 something shopping days until Christmas….arghhhhh…!), or just gifts so that family and friends can share your Graduation memories. You’ve   worked hard to get where you are, so share this special day with a high quality, bespoke, unique product.

As they say……if you’ve got it……flaunt it…!!!!