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Where were you… and where are the photo’s?

When Neil Armstrong first set foot on the surface of the Moon…When you were celebrating the new  Millennium……. the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee…….When the Olympic Torch came through your town………?

Can you remember………? More importantly, where are the images – gathering dust somewhere, or sitting on a hard disk, CD Rom, or mobile phone memory? If the latter is the case, they’re no good there, what is the point of taking photo’s of such memorable and important events if you’re not going to enjoy them – why not transform them into fantastic personalised giftware, canvas prints, photo cushions, photo mugs… There are so many ways you could be enjoying these photographs, and they also make for brilliant gift ideas!

Actually, I will admit to being able to remember watching the Apollo Moon landing, if I remember rightly, July 1969, aged 13, I was woken up to watch in on the TV in the early hours of the morning, when Neil Armstrong set foot in the Sea of Tranquility, left foot first, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” and I still have the newspaper cuttings from April 1961, Yuri Gagarin, the first human to journey into outer space, his craft completing an orbit of the Earth. Amazing times indeed.

Moving on…..How did you celebrate the new Millenium, it seems just like yesterday? But let’s move on several years shall we, (decades even!). What did you do during the recent celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee? Did you have a street party? Did you attend the lighting of a beacon? What about the visit of the Olympic Torch to your town…? Maybe you were lucky enough to be a Torch Bearer. What an honour! Where are the images? Don’t leave them stuck in a box, or on an electronic device which may or may not even work in a few years time?

These are all very important historic events. The Olympics last being held here in 1948, (known as the “Austerity Games” due to rationing still being in place following world war II, the games having previously been postponed in 1944 due to the war).

But how quickly our memories fade, and we forget exact dates, exact times, exactly who we were with at the time.

Speaking of giant leaps for mankind though, how lucky we are today that technology has leapt forward since the day the Eagle landed, and Neil Armstrong took that first historic step, and we are now able to immortalise our memories for ever. We are living as history is being made, as my Dad used to say…….. frequently….very frequently….! and now we can capture it all, forever. Your treasured photographs, pictures and images can be digitally printed onto a wide range of our quality products, from mugs, coasters, cushions, tea towels and commemorative plates, to canvas prints and even digitally printed wallpaper. The choice is endless. So why not turn your photographs from these historic events, that we have been a part of, into heirlooms of the future.

Unfortunately we won’t have any photographs from England winning Euro 2012….!